7 ways to weekend Zen

A reflective moment atop 4 Mile Ridge in Central BC. My lovely model is Jackie Kai Ellis of Beaucoup Bakery & Café © Barb Sligl
This week's round-up of 7 thought-provoking and inspiring links leads to a little bit more mindfulness

It’s the weekend. Time to relax, reflect, rejuvenate. Or that’s the goal… Find some Zen. Herewith are 7 things to ponder. Even if it’s just a wee kernel of take-away inspiration, well, that’s enough. And speaking of enough…

  1. This rumination on what’s meaningful in life: “…perhaps the most important sentence I’ve ever written is that one word, ‘Enough.’” Oh, yes. This word can “safeguard one’s soul.” Powerful stuff.
  2. I have a thing for Jack White. His song with The Raconteurs, Carolina Drama, is a simply brilliant example of storytelling. So, it was with serious pleasure that I read the recent profile of this thoughtful, intense, prolific and rather astounding man in The New Yorker. (Yes, I have a bit of a crush.)
  3. And, in looking up that fave song of mine above, I discovered that Jack White has another version of Carolina Drama on his recently released album of acoustic recordings. Listen to it again.
  4. I rarely read non-fiction books but I’ve done a bit of a 180 in the past few weeks, picking up books I’ve  meant to read (or have come across thanks to a sudden foray into podcasts). One of these, The Consolations of Philosophy, is by another brilliant mind: Alain de Botton, who tweeted something last week that I immediately had to retweet: “The human condition: trying to master the ocean of life with a teaspoon.”  Perhaps Socrates can help…
  5. With all this pondering and reflection, it’s good to look back and practise appreciation versus expectation. In that vein, I’m revisiting and basking in my recent gold win in the North American Journalists Association 2016 awards. YES! The illustrated story (featuring both my words and photos), On the Central Coast, captures just a slice of the beauty I experienced in this remote region of BC (the photo above is from this trip). And it involved plenty of forest bathing, something that’s essential to my well-being.
  6. Forest bathing. In Japanese this is shinrin-yoku , a form of therapy and part of Japan’s national healthcare. It’s really just about being among the trees. Read more on the concept…and then go outside. STAT.
  7. Zen. We’ve been feeling it this week at 70 magazine. There’s Zen in the desert and Zen atop the Tibetan plateau. On that note, watch prayer flags flutter and listen to the wind. Om. Φ
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