About Barb

Since I can remember I’ve been enamoured with words—my head bent over the pages of a book or magazine, my fingers gripping a pen and pouring thoughts onto paper. I’m still doing this…and somehow making a living at it. And even when not on assignment or working on a contract project, my love for the combo of graphic punch and literary profundity is such that I co-founded 70 magazine with Janet Gyenes—a place where we can share those words and images that stir something inside us.

Because the travels and experiences we’ve amassed can’t all be published. And yet there are stories and snapshots of places, moments, experiences, details, musings that we still feel compelled to bring to light. It might be a random image of a Maillol nude at the Jardin des Tuileries or the taste of Kvikk Lunsj, a chocolate bar discovered on a sleigh ride outside Oslo (side note: I have a serious crush on Norway).

I’m privileged to have visited 45 countries, both for work and pleasure. As a freelance writer and photographer I’ve written about my travels for a range of print and online publications (from Chinese New Year in Las Vegas for Western Living magazine to Vancouver’s up-and-coming ‘hoods for Private Clubs magazine). I’m the editor of the award-winning Just for Canadian Dentists and Just for Canadian Doctors magazines, and have earned numerous awards for my photography (like this cover image that recently won a silver in the 2015 North American Travel Journalists Association Awards). As well as being a member of NATJA, I’m the vice-chair of the BC Board of the Travel Media Association of Canada and on the Editors Council of the Society of American Travel Writers.

I love travel and documenting my journeys, but I also write about design, business, philanthropy, food/drink… I’m a contributing editor at Western Living magazine, frequent contributor to BCLiving, art director of Enterprise, a national magazine for credit unions in Canada, and have had a leading role in a variety of publications—from shelter to campus mags. And, as an academic complement to my practical experience, I have a Master of Publishing from Simon Fraser University.

To see more of my portfolio, visit my website. And, in the spirit of “70,” here are 7 things you didn’t know about me:

  1. Favourite tipple . . . IPA and Becherovka (can’t pick one…I’m a bit of a lush)
  2. Superhero power . . .  invisibility (it’s the writer/observer in me)
  3. Celeb crush . . . Daniel Day Lewis (um, hot…and his wife, Rebecca Miller, too)
  4. Comfort food . . . my mom’s bramborová polévka (potato soup; the Czech word for “potato,” brambora, also happens to sound like my first name and was my mom’s childhood nickname for me)
  5. Guilty pleasure . . . sleeping in, coffee in bed, reading all day long (ahhh)
  6. Best read . . . The Master and Margarita, by Mikhail Bulgakov
  7. If I weren’t here, I’d rather be . . . somewhere in France, sipping pastis at an outdoor café
Morlaix, France
In France, which I keep returning to…for pastis and endless inspiration © Barb Sligl