About Janet

Hello! And thanks for stopping by 70 magazineWriters are curious creatures and this magazine—which I co-founded with Barb Sligl—was created to explore that curiosity and share those subtle stories, odd discoveries, and fleeting moments that rarely get published in print or online.

These stories and snapshots don’t necessarily fit into a tidy “listical” or satisfy the siren call of “Why now?” or “What’s hot?” But for us, they’re the slivers of silver glimpsed among the grey and the “found” moments that often go unnoticed.

As a freelance writer and editor, I’ve covered topics ranging from spirits to strip clubs (seriously),  co-authored two travel guidebooks on Vancouver, recently edited and wrote parts of Tourism Vancouver’s 2016/17 Official Visitor’s Guide. One of my earliest roles was managing editor of Homeswest magazine (then published by BC Gas). And I’ve had senior editorial roles with BCBusiness, BC Home magazine and launched Alberta Home magazine, which was nominated for Best New Magazine Alberta at the Western Magazine Awards

I’m currently contributing editor and beverage columnist for award-winning Just for Canadian Dentists and Just for Canadian Doctors magazines, plus I’m editor-in-chief of Enterprise, an award-winning national magazine for credit unions in Canada. And in addition to writing for a range of publications and businesses, I’m a frequent contributor to BCLiving.

To check out my “official” portfolio, visit my website. Better yet, read on below to learn 7 things you didn’t know about me:

  1. Can’t live without . . . lipstick
  2. Favourite tipple . . .  Whiskey Sour—with bourbon
  3. Superhero power . . . to eavesdrop on conversations
  4. Childhood memory . . . playing “fort” in the woods
  5. Comfort food . . . grilled cheese sandwiches
  6. Best read . . . Blindness, by Jose Saramago
  7. If I weren’t here, I’d rather be . . . toes in the sand on a tropical island (like Barbados, below)
Barbados © Janet Gyenes