Kvikk Lunsj or the Norwegian Kit Kat

Kvikk Lunsj
The Norwegian chocolate bar © Barb Sligl
The original four-finger chocolate bar is in just about every Norwegian's backpack

A bite of Norway

The Norwegians do it better. Kvikk Lunsj (literally “quick lunch”) is the tastier version of the Kit Kat. Created in 1937 (pre-dating the Kit Kat by two years), it’s the go-to snack for Scandinavian sports junkies. Meet a Norwegian on a hike or nordic ski and there’ll likely be a Kvikk Lunsj in her backpack. It’s the country’s iconic chocolate bar; the green, gold and red colour combo instantly says “kvikk lunsj” to every Norwegian. Chocolatier Freia even has a Kvikk Lunsj website with snaps of Norwegians outdoors with their favourite treat. Perfect picnic fodder. Mmm…velsmakende godbit! Φ

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