High Arctic fashion

Qiviut & Co. jacket
Flagship luxury jacket © Qivuit & Co.
Warm up this winter: luxury outerwear uses ultra-insulating musk ox fibres

Winter is coming. Extreme weather holds an icy grip on remote northern reaches. Temperatures are bone-chilling, winds unrelenting, and the scenery so spectacularly sinister it takes your breath away.

Here, only the strongest survive—like the musk ox, which inspired Qiviut & Co.’s ultra-luxury flagship jacket (from $1,900).

Like its muse, this limited-edition unisex jacket is rare (each one comes with a certificate of authenticity) and thrives in barren landscapes where few dare to wander, thanks to a downy under-fibre called qiviut.

Qiviut is softer than cashmere and eight times warmer than wool

Long used by denizens of the frozen north, this rugged natural fibre is actually softer than cashmere and eight times warmer than wool.

And like the musk ox, qiviut is scarce. Globally, less than 5,000 kg of the raw fibre is harvested each year from the animals when they shed each spring. Qiviut & Co. launched its innovative outerwear after observing artisans in Alaska using qiviut over two decades.

These pioneering jackets are hard-working and stylish shape-shifters. Thermolite ProTM synthetic and 100 per cent Canadian qiviut work in tandem to deliver high-performance insulation, while a waterproof outer-shell keeps shrouds of mist and lashings of rain at bay. A detachable collar, hood and baffle offer versatility, whatever the weather. Φ

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